Monday, February 25, 2008

Tagged - Six Things

Ok, Brenna, this is for you.

1. I used to sell Indoor Air Quality Systems aka vacuums and air filters for Filterqueen. I really do believe that they are awesome, but the job did suck. I would go to people's houses and demonstrate the products into the late hours of the night. Luckily, I didn't have to go door to door. To this day I am really picky about which vacuum I use - you know that "vacuum smell"? Yea, that's dust mite poo, rotten food and dirt coming out of your vacuum bag and into your lungs. Gross! Sadly, the jerks at FQ sell their system for thousands of dollars (I suggest eBay). As far as affordable vacs, I would recommend a Dyson, because it runs on the same idea as a FQ.
FYI - expensive vacs that aren't good - Rainbow & Kirby. I grew up with a Kirby. Sure it was good for a workout if you needed to vacuum the stairs, but it has a bag = blows junk into your air. When the salesman come to your house, he doesn't hook the vacuum up to the bag, therefore it never clogs and loses air flow. As for the Rainbow, water isn't a filter. It's something to swim in or drink.
Sorry, I'll stop.

2. I used to have horrible TMJ. My jaw got totally screwed up on my and Ben's first real date. Not from kissing, but from one of those slingshot rides that throws you up into the air a million miles per hour. After years of trips to Dr. Snow in PHX, lots of money, and hard work, my mouth is awesome. Thanks Mom and Dad! Thanks Dr. Snow!

3. I am a little bit of an insomniac. And I love late night TV. There's just something about being up late that makes TV more fun... even if it's just Family Guy.

4. I love morning news, especially the Today Show. When I watch news shows if makes me feel like I'm on vacation. When you are working or going to school, the only time you get to watch those shows is when you are on vacation. When I am away on vacation, I still like to watch the news. I remember watching the news at Clearwater Beach and there was a report on a water spout. You would never see anything like that in New Mexico. I also really enjoy the weather reports.... here and when I'm on vacation.

5. I hate being cold. I much prefer the warm weather. I also prefer the days when I wore a swimsuit for 12 hours a day, but those days are long gone...

6. I am afraid of shower curtains. If I have one, it has to be clear. I am always afraid someone will beat me up and wrap me up in one of those suckers... I am also a little claustrophobic. When Ben and I were first married, and I was in the shower, he would come grab me through the shower curtain and I would get so mad.
For those of you thinking I have issues with thinking Ben wants to kill me, I don't. I am just a freak. (When we were on our cruise, I would run ahead of Ben at night so he couldn't throw me overboard). I am also afraid of boats, dirty water, and algae growing on boats... So, if I ever did fall into dirty water or over a boat, I wouldn't want to touch the algae growing on the ladder, so I would never be rescued. It gives me the willies just thinking about it.

I'll tag anyone who wants to talk about this kind of stuff... Enjoy!


amanda said...

i hate shower curtains too. not because i think i will be killed in one (weirdie) but because they harbor mold. i don't believe that there is such a thing as a shower curtain that mold cannot grow on. if not mold, what about soap scum? just as bad, right? i mean, the word scum sounds grosser than mold.

i don't mind algae. working in the pet store and cleaning algae out of fish tanks desensitized me.

tag me, tag me!

Suzy & Ben said...

Ok. Amanda - TAG!

Dani said...

You're crazy.

Brenna said...

I think you need counseling for your fears of someone killing you!