Friday, December 19, 2008

Fetish Friday

I saw these shoes last night at Dillards and that cherry red made me just want to eat them up. There are tiny sparkles in the leather that make my heart sing.
You could wear them with that Mrs. Claus outfit you have. Ho, ho, ho.
Gianni Bini "Celeste" on sale for $41.40. Reg $69.

Friday, December 12, 2008

All my favorite colors come out right after the sun sets.

Hubbies, #3

A little tip. Every girl loves to open something shiny on Christmas morning. Now don't get all ticked off... it's the truth. Most girls don't require that their shiny object come in a blue box from Tiffany's. Honestly, we don't want you to break the bank for a stupid piece of jewelry we can't afford (and will wear only a couple times a month). Afterall, we like to eat too!
There's a gold mine of a store called Sam Moon in Dallas that sells knock offs of designer bags, wallets and luggage. But, they also have very affordable bling. This little peacock pin is $13.95, and it's in the higher price range. You can get cute stuff for $5-10! If you're feeling spendy, they also have stuff way up in the 30's.

Fetish Friday

This little creature is a best seller at Piperlime. It a Marc by Marc Jacobs and some of you could really pull it off. How cute you would be in your jeans and creature shoes at the caroling party next weekend!
These are$215. Leather version with stitching available for $250.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Attn Hubbies! #2

Cute dresses for your lady friends (and kids) at Mikarose. I'll take a black small in this one. Thanks.
I've also been asked to mention that girls really appreciate a good pedicure once in a while.... and jewels.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Fetish Friday

I stumbled upon these treasures while I was looking on and couldn't resist them.
They are Squeakies and they actually have little squeakers in the heel, which are removable, but kids love them. Hey, maybe this way we could keep track of Lucas!
They are only $19 on Overstock. While you're at it, you should see some of the girl Squeakies!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Attn Hubbies!

The other day I was teasing my friends' husbands saying I was going to list all the things they should buy us girls on my blog.
Well...I have a great (and inexpensive) Christmas gift idea if you want one more little thing under the tree for the wifey. Email me and I'll send you the link...