Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hair Show - SULTRA

Last Saturday I was in a hair show. It was a huge Armstrong McCall Sales Meeting and different vendors were there trying to sell their stuff. I was with Sultra. I loved the people and the products. I managed to get away with a sweet straightening iron, and would loved to add to my Sultra collection some day! The company's Artisitic Director is Omar Lopez. He works on a lot of celebrities (Cameron Diaz, Maile Cyrus, Kat Von D), so it was fun to talk to him and have him work on my hair. My hair was styled with The Seductress, an iron that can straighten, wave and curl your hair. It was awesome. He didn't expect my hair to curl so much and at one point said, "I made you look 12 years old!" But it was great. The curls stayed and the next day I fixed them up bit. Here are some pics after three presentations, and much playing. In the last pic he had just combed my hair out and my eyes are bloodshot, but that's the only pic with Omar.