Thursday, January 31, 2008

Politics Are Fun

I'm excited for the elections this year.
I really don't understand why anybody would want to be President...
I guess they get cool desk accessories.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Potter's all up in my head

I wouldn't generally classify myself as a Harry Potter Nerd. But every time I read one of the books I become a HPN for a few weeks or months, depending on how long I stretch the book out.
In the past, I have managed to read the books over a month or longer. See, I have this procrastination problem at times, and I also become really sad when I finish a book, so I like to drag it out. I have been postponing the last installment of the HP series because I knew that it would be really really sad to know it was the end of Potter.
Last week I finally decided it was time. I started reading the book while Ben was out one night, then I would read during nap time, then I would read during the night, while most people slept. I became obsessed once again. All day little Potter phrases would enter my mind and while I tried to sleep, it would get worse. I would just worry and worry about the wizards, house elves, goblins, muggles, and of course Harry. Saturday night I started reading at 9:30 while Ben worked on the computer. I said, "Let's stop at 10:30 and watch SNL." Before I knew it, Ben came in and it was midnight, then 1:00. I kept putting him off because I couldn't put the book down. It was like a drug... a slightly nerdy drug, but a drug none the less. Finally at 2:00 he came to bed and I went to the office and read until 2:30, when I finished the book. I'm not afraid to admit that I shed some tears, but I'm glad I finished. Sunday I was still obsessed with Potter. My obsession dwindles a little every day. I think by the weekend I should be normal... unless I start reading it again. Hmm.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Biscuits - the grenades you can eat

The other night Danielle and I were making monkey bread. You just get a couple packages of biscuits, cut them up, roll in cinnamon sugar, add a buttery brown sugar sauce, and bake them.
The hardest part of the whole thing is just opening the cans of biscuits. When I was a kid I liked opening the cans, now I am afraid (and so is my brother). You just never know when to expect the "pop." Usually you have to bang them on the counter, but sometimes they pop in your hand.
Danielle, still young and gutsy at 24, wasn't afraid to open them, so I handed both cans over. The first one opened with a loud bang accompanied with an explosion of biscuit mush. We knew something was wrong... So, I tried the next can and experienced the same explosion. I screamed like a little girl. Sadly, our biscuits were expired - you could tell not only by the expiration date, April 2007, but by the smell as well. I guess all things in cans don't last an eternity after all. Luckily, Ben was at the store and bought us some new unexpired cans.
The second hardest part of making monkey bread is knowing when how long to cook it... I failed at that too.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Many 5-year-olds can you fight?

Ben's coworkers found this website last week. You answer questions about fighting and it tells you how many kids you could take on. It says Ben could fight 25, but he is positive he could take on at least 50. After all, only 6 or 7 could be touching him at once... I can only fight 16, but I'm not willing to use one kid as a weapon against another kid (unless that kid attacked me first), and I'm also not willing to eye gouge. Get your results here.


What would you do?

Last night we had some friends come over. As we were gathered around the mistake I made for dessert we started talking about money and how we all wanted more. Ben asked, "what physical ailment would you live with for the rest of your life for a million dollars?" It was an interesting thought... it got out of hand eventually, but it was interesting.

One friend said he would willingly have his legs amputated for a million dollars. No one else was down for that one. As our list got more extreme, it seemed a million dollars wasn't quite enough for most things. After all, you want to be able to enjoy your million dollars, right? Here are a few things that were mentioned: walk with a limp forever, let someone shoot you in the knee (remember, once your knee is screwed up, it's always screwed up), throw up every hour 24/7, make out with a member of the same sex, let Jack Black be your roommate - he's with you all the time, be deaf in one ear, be blind in one eye, and finally... would you gnaw your own toe off and eat it for a million dollars? No thank you.

Tanner tried convincing me that throwing up every hour wouldn't be that bad. I mentioned that your teeth and throat would be ruined, but he thought that plastic surgery could surely fix all that... Tanner also does a great Jack Black impersonation.

So, what would you do for a million dollars.... or what wouldn't you do?