Sunday, January 20, 2008

How Many 5-year-olds can you fight?

Ben's coworkers found this website last week. You answer questions about fighting and it tells you how many kids you could take on. It says Ben could fight 25, but he is positive he could take on at least 50. After all, only 6 or 7 could be touching him at once... I can only fight 16, but I'm not willing to use one kid as a weapon against another kid (unless that kid attacked me first), and I'm also not willing to eye gouge. Get your results here.



Jess and Eric said...

So I tried it and it sent me to a an online dating service! LOL I hope you are having fun back in Austin. I read your posting about Lucas falling out of the grocery cart! That is great! I told Eric all about it.

Scot said...

26 for me. I can't believe I can take on more than Ben!