Friday, February 22, 2008

Fetish Friday

Ladies and gentlemen, I know a deal when I see one. I almost bought these GB Lady Bugs at Christmas when they were on sale for $35, but I managed to resist the urge to walk to the register. But now, people, NOW they are on sale for only $17.25! That's down from $69.00!!
They come in several colors: black leather, leopard print, sparkly silver & gold, black velvet, satin red, powdery silver (shown), brown, & gold. BUT, they are running low on sizes. If you're a 7.5 or 8 you've hit the jackpot! There are still lots of sizes in certain colors, but run fast to your nearest interweb connection site and order these beauties. And please ask Ben if I can order some for his birthday. I already bought a dress yesterday while shopping for his birthday, lets throw in a pair of shoes, too! (Both the dress and shoes would be for me, not him).


mandarin said...

how can he deny you something like this when they are such a good deal? i always bring up the original price and then the sale price, and pete will usually be cool with it. if he doesn't i tell him something that i do that is amazing, and he gives in.

Suzy & Ben said...

Ben doesn't always fall for that trick. He says, "so what, it's still $____" He doesn't even care about the brand... But he usually knows a great deal when he sees one. So...

I ordered them last night... hopefully they will fit!