Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Got Back

I got to watch a little bit of the Grammys last night, and I saw Tina Tuner and Beyonce peform. Being the girl that I am, I noticed that Beyonce is not a skinny girl like the rest of the women in the entertainment industry. It made me happy to see that Beyonce looks more like me, with her hips and butt, than say Carrie Underwood does. And no one ever says a mean thing about Beyonce and her body. Why is is more acceptable for a black woman to have curves than a white woman? Last year when some poor bloke allowed Brit Brit to perform on the MTV music awards, she was chastised for not only a horrible performace, bad hair, and poor decision making skills, but also for letting her body go. Now, if you look at her picture and forget about all of her issues and her dark roots, her body isn't what I would consider a bad body. I think a lot of women would love to have that body. She's still got decent abs. Sure, she gained a little weight, from having a baby and eating chicken fingers and fries, but who doesn't?
Anyhow, I just wish white people could show a little more love to the girls with the hips and butts. Thank goodness for Sir Mix-A-Lot.


mandarin said...

i'm going to have to agree with you here. asian women aren't supposed to have badankadank either, and that's a hard standard for me.

maybe we should start a pop group where you and i change the social stigma of little butts for all white and asian women all over the world!

Suzy & Ben said...

Let's do it! I think our badankadank is way cuter than a lack of. Hope you and the baby are doing well.

Dani said...

I agree. I've never thought Beyonce was a "small" girl but she sure can sing! Britney did look terrible but it was more because of her hair and outfit! Poor girl