Sunday, February 17, 2008

Walking and walking and walking...

You all know I am quite the philanthropist, right? Well, last weekend I volunteered to be in a bridal show at the Hilton downtown. I modeled for a store called Alexia Gavela Bridal and they had some of the most beautiful (and expensive) gowns I have ever seen! I had to go to a fitting a few weeks earlier to pick out my dresses. I told the owner, Geri, not to put me in anything straight because my butt would be too big, but he brought me straight dresses anyways, and to my surprise, they looked good. I thought I could only wear fluffy princess dresses, so that was a nice discovery.
The day of the show I got there at 10:00 for hair and makeup and then wasted the rest of the day until the show at 4:00. I hung out with other girls who were "real" models, so I had to listen to them talk about all their other jobs and the horrific experiences with the drunk hair dressers, etc.
While we were all sitting around the peeps from Davids Bridal walked in with their dresses. They didn't want to hire their own models, so they asked Geri if they could borrow us. So, we crazily found dresses to fit us for the show and sat around some more.
Long story shorter, the show started late. I was really nervous, walked too fast and had a hard time smiling my first trip out on the runway. Ben and Lucas were in the crowd, so it was good to see them. By the end of the AG show I felt pretty good. And I never fell!
THEN, it was time for the David's Bridal show, which was a near disaster. They weren't organized at all, two of the girls were mean to us, and there was a lot of time when the runway was empty because they were so unorganized. And you should have heard the cheesy music!
By the time I went home at 6:00 I was exhausted, my feet hurt, and my hair was huge. It was still fun, though. The best part was that I learned that "real models" (in Austin, at least) don't have perfect bodies or perfect faces. They were all just normal people with the same problems we all have. I don't have any great pictures... the lighting was horrible and the pictures I have were just from a mom in the audience... a real photographer is supposed to be emailing me pictures, but we'll see.

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