Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guessing Game

Guess how much this shoe costs... just guess. I'll tell you later.


Well, Dani and Amanda... if this was "The Price Is Right", you would both lose. Lucky for you, since I'm so loaded, I will buy you both a pair of ugly rose shoes. The price - $550. I think that is totally ridiculous. They aren't cute. I think there would be way too much naked foot exposed. Wait... that rose is as big as the whole foot.


Dani said...

There's not even very much shoe there! It's all rose! I'm guessing around $600

mandarin said...

$1500. do i get the shoe if i guess right?

mandarin said...

aww, i was hoping to get those shoes to cover up the puffy nubs that are now my feet. seriously, i looked down today and noticed how beefy my feet became in just a few days. the ridiculous rose might be a good cover-up.