Sunday, October 5, 2008

So long... my lovely golden locks of yesterday. I ended up getting selected for a hair show this weekend. I went to the model call Friday night for Wella and made plans to get Beckhamed on Saturday morning. I was also planning on a "halo effect" for my color - blond at the roots, fading to brown, then to red. Interesting, but worth the cash, right?

Saturday morning the "artist" informed me that he wanted to accentuate my blue eyes more - aka go platinum blond. The cut wasn't as short as we had planned, but I was kind of excited to be Posh Spice. THEN he informed me that there would be traces of pink in my hair also, but it would wash out over 6-8 weeks. I reluctantly agreed as all the hair people assured me that I could totally pull off being a blond. They showed me the picture and I wasn't too impressed so I tried to talk them into another 'do, which kind of worked, but I still got stuck with the bangs.

My day began with the cut... about 6 or 7 inches. Then the bleaching, which took forEVER, then the dying, to get the yellow out. The colorist, Cecelia, was from El Paso and she was awesome. I'm so glad she was there to get everything right! She even convinced my "artist" to go with other blond colors instead of the pink, so that was great!

Today I woke up after another semi-sleepless night, cried a little about my crazy hair, and then made blueberry muffins to eat with the boys. When I got to the convention center they put the new colors in my hair and it looked much better. I wore a cool BCBG dress along with too much makeup, and did a good job at the show. Basically you stand on a stage with the hair dresser and they tell the audience what they did with your hair, all the while convincing the people to buy the product. It was pretty fun.

By the way, I really do like the Wella products - my hair is not fried or dry like straw. Their bleaching product was great - no singing eyes or skin like normal. And the other dyes (that go dark) aren't bad for your hair at all.

Here are the pictures:


After Day 1

after the show w/more colors and disgusting makeup

after a long day, side-swept bangs.

I still don't know what I think. It will be fun to be blond for a while. People at the show really liked it, but I'm just not this cool. The cut is so trendy and the bangs are extreme. I think I will try to do the side-swept thing as they grow more. Then, when I start getting roots, I will do some dark lowlights and eventually get back to my brown self. And no, Ben is not a fan, but he's not being a jerk about it.

Things I learned:
*It's bad to shower in hot water - makes your hair and skin dry. From now on I have to wash my hair in cold water.
*Don't let your stylist put you under the dryer when they color your hair - it makes it work faster, but damages your hair. My hair took all day and would have cost about $350 in a salon due to the time/technique.
*Your hair dresser is supposed to be weighing the products they use to dye your hair so they get the right ratio. Most just eyeball it.
*Hair is in bad shape after three years and needs to be cut - the reason some people's long hair looks so drab and yucky. After it gets cut it will grow faster because it won't break off all the time.
*If you're going to model for a hair show, be ready for anything.


Kim said...

You are gorgeous Suzy! And they were right... the blond totally accents your eyes! I like it w/or w/o can change it up a bit:). Did you get to keep the dress??? Fun! I am sure Ben will get used to it:).

Dani said...

You are crazy that you do all these things! I really like the cut and the side swept bangs! And are they going to pay for you to get your hair back to normal because that could get pricey! :) How fun to get all done up though!

Krista said...

WOW! I love the cut and the bangs look great! The blond is a bit different, but they did a good job!

Suzy said...

Thanks, girls.
I didn't get to keep the dress... it was 2 sizes too small anyways, but I could have put a cute jacket or wrap with it and made it awesome.
They aren't going to pay for me to fix my hair, but I got paid $300 for the show, so that helps. I'll just have to go back slowly but surely with months and months of lowlights. At first I thought I was getting paid $500 by going back on Monday, but my stylist was confused and was not allowed to have me back for two days and $200 more. Oh well...
Today I have to go to buy a deep conditioning treatment, leave in spray conditioner, heat treatment (before blow dry & straightening), and color safe shampoo & conditioner.

Jamie said...

You look a totally different person! Having said that, how do I add that I love the new do without sounding like I didn't like the old one? Hmmm....take my word for it. :)

PS I think the pink would have looked awesome. ;)

Scot said...

Did Lucas run away or was he fine with it? Looks good, crazy 505er.

Suzy said...

Lucas stared for a minute, but then he was fine. I was worried before I walked in the door, though.

amanda said...

i love love love it. you look a-ma-zing! i am a huge fan of bangs. i think more people need to try them. they'd be surprised how great they look with them. you look fabulous with the side sweep and the heavy bangs brushed forward and straight.

how do you get all these modeling jobs?

Suzy said...

Amanda, I find them on craigslist under gigs. A lot of the jobs are creepy, but once in a while you find a good one.

Kara, Garrick, Rylee and Jadyn said...

Very dramatic but you totally pull it off! Really cute!