Friday, October 31, 2008

Dear young people,

Please for the love of all things holy learn to write, spell, and use proper grammar. No, you can't write a note or card to grandma like your texting. Yes, you do sound like an idiot when you write in slang. And for the record, when I text I use proper grammar.
I found this on the net today while researching conditioner for my dry locks:

Q: i used to use dove dind't suit my i shifted to sunsilk dey hav alcohol in dem???

A: depends....just check out d ingredients!!!!
well using conditnrs l d tim is nt healthy fr ur make use of some natural remedies.......u can refer 2
maybe dis cn help u out.........wishin u a healthy hair.......

Now that you are all less intelligent having read that, have a great day. I'm off to get d vacuum out and get dem dirts of d carpets. I do nt wan dirty carpets for my moms today.


Scot said...

Wuddup! Wht? W dnt nd vwls anymre? Reading and writing, that's for sissies! IMHO, noyb or DWBH! lol! jk! @TEOTD, 02 and AISI, B4YKI, everyone and their BFF will speak like this. It's the new code talkers (ok, I had to look up all the acronyms). I don't text almost at all. ;)

Farrah said...

AMEN! My English teacher-ness comes out when it comes to writing and spelling. I teach my ESL students that, although native speakers may say it that way or write it this way, IT'S NOT OKAY! Josh calls me the grammar police. I like being the grammar police.

Suzy said...

I'm glad your the chief of the GP, Farrah.
Scot, I'm so impressed! Maybe you could translate that for us...
I don't ever text either. We don't pay the $5 for unlimited texting.