Monday, October 13, 2008

Naughty Craigslist Usage

I saw a post on craigslist last night for a female photography student in need of a blonde model with blue eyes. She did specify that the model could not be taller than 5'8" and had to be over 21 b/c the shoot would be in a bar.
She said she would pay $70 for a couple of hours. Even though I'm taller than 5'8", it's only a half inch, so I decided to try. I emailed the girl and heard back from her this morning.
Turns out she was just looking for a blonde, blue eyed girl so she could buy her ID from her, not do a photo shoot. Lame.


Dani said...

That's funny! What weirdos out there! So, did you sell her your ID?

Suzy said...

Of course! Who could pass up $70?
NOT! I didn't even write her back. I was going to write back and say something like, "sorry, kiddo. i have brown hair in my ID." But then I realized that I wouldn't do it even if I did have blonde hair because it's wrong. I don't know why she hasn't learned to just go to Greek Row already. Or just wait. What's fun about turning 21 if you've been going to clubs for 3 years already?
AND she needs to up the price, after all someone will have to pay for their new ID.