Monday, March 3, 2008

So I Married an Axe Murderer

Recently, on another post, Dani and Brenna commented that I was crazy for always thinking people want to kill me, etc. Well, the reason is probably that when I was younger, I liked to watch scary movies. Now I stay away from them. BUT, I adopted another scary habit - living with Ben.
He thinks it's so funny to scare me. Last night before bed I went to turn off the AC . I left Ben in the bed and when I came back he was in the doorway and it was dark. Luckily, I didn't scream loud enough to wake up Lucas. Then I said, "Ben, I hate you. I hate you, you stupid!" and I ran to the bed. I stopped hating him sometime in the night... probably around 2:00. I haven't hated him since.
Then there was the time that I was coming up the stairs in the dark. I successfully walked up the first half of the stairs and when I turned the corner to walk up the second half of the stairs, there was Ben sitting in the dark. AHHH!
The worst time he ever scared me was when I came home from the store one night. Lucas was in bed and Ben had been working on some house project. The downstairs was all dark once again. I drove into the garage and emptied the groceries into the hallway. Then I walked into the kitchen when all the sudden there was a drill going off behind my head! Ben was waiting in the hall for me and followed right behind me in the dark with a drill behind my head. Ugh. He made me so mad! I have to admit that it was ballsy of him to do that... really, is there a better way to scare someone then to turn a drill on by their head when they think they are alone in the dark? Probably, but I hope I don't have to experience it.


Jamie said...

If Chris ever did something like that to me I would not talk to him for weeks! The other night he came home late and just poked his head in the bathroom where I was brushing my teeth and because I wasn't expecting him he scared the daylights out of me. I HATE being scared.

Dani said...

Sounds pretty funny to me! Toughen up! :)