Friday, March 7, 2008

Fetish Friday

Baby shoes are so cute, right? My sister, Lisa, got Lucas some sweet Converse shoes that are now too small for him, but he got a lot of compliments in them because they were different and lacked cartoon characters plastered to the side. I hope to always avoid advertising for Thomas the Train, Cars, Barney and even Sesame Street with Lucas's shoes, but we'll see...
Anyhow, I decided instead of hurting his feet, I would buy some new shoes for him, so we headed to Target. They had about 4 semi-cute shoes for us to chose from. Lucas picked between the two I deemed acceptable and we were off. "There just aren't enough cute boy shoes," I thought as I took my cute, but ordinary shoes to the checkout stand.
But for Fetish Friday, it is my duty to shop for shoes, so I thought I should try to find cute boy shoes... and I did.
Here they are: The brand is See Kai Run, and the style is Paddy. I found them here. They had lots of other cute things. But an even better site was Milkshop if you feel like doing a little shopping.


Dani said...

Oooo, those are cute! I have a hard time searching the internet for shoes , clothes and such when I know I won't be purchasing anything! So I will just check your blog for all those things!

Melissa, Jeremy, & Boston said...

I really think those are cute shoes. Another cute online source is pediped.