Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bump In The Night

Last night Ben and I were in bed by like 11:00, which is really good for us. We were both sleeping like babies until 1:00. Suddenly Ben jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. I was a little peeved at first because he totally woke me up, not even trying to be quiet, turning on the closet light, etc. Then he grabbed his glasses and went out to the hall. Whenever the glasses come out, you know it's got to be something good. So, I hear him go down the stairs, turn on some lights, open the door, close the door and come back up stairs.
Apparently he heard a huge banging noise and wanted to make sure it wasn't someone at our house.

Then he came back and got in bed and we kept hearing this banging noise and couldn't figure out what it was for the life of us. Ben though it sounded like someone banging on a door, I thought it sounded louder than any human could possibly make. I could feel it in my ears, I swear! Perhaps someone was building in their garage or working on the construction down the street... Finally we couldn't take it anymore so we went to spy out the window. We discovered that our neighbor's garage was open across the street. Then their lights turned on and we saw them peeking out the window, too. So we turned our light on so they could see us. Since they were up, Ben got dressed and decided to go outside and tell them to close their garage... and see if he could figure out what the noise was.

By the time he got outside, they had closed their garage and gone back to bed, but he went across the street and I watched him stand there looking up the street. I just hoped he wasn't about to get shot. Then the lady in the next house came outside too with her big dog, so Ben went over and talked to her. She knew what was going on.

The guy three houses up from us had a visitor. Some crazy lady was kicking and banging on his door trying to get in. Ben heard her yell, "Well, if she ain't here why can't I come in." His response, "Because you'll tear the place up. You already messed my door up - this is a $500 door!" After that, Ben came home and could finally sleep because the mystery was solved.

The lesson here is don't be hooking up with multiple women, especially if one is strong and crazy. One is bound to come and knock down your door at 1:00 in the morning. I'm gonna try to get a glance at the dents in the door today.

Oh, after Ben came home we went back to bed. He kept laughing at me because I thought the noise was a drill, machine, truck, etc. He thought the whole time it was a crazy person and he was right.

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amanda said...

i totally thought this story was going to be about ghosts. this whole week, everyone i know has been talking about haunted houses and weird noises in weird places. i totally believe in ghosts, so i was waiting to hear some crazy connection to a frightening murder years and years ago in your neighborhood or house. psycho crazy lady down the street is just not the same caliber of fright...unless she was banging the door with a knife...