Saturday, August 9, 2008

it's time for the country to unite!

I read a great article in Newsweek today. It wasn't about how that young guy is too much like a celebrity or how that white-haired guy is old and senial. Instead, it was about something really important.
It is time that we all stand together and and end one of the most tragic fashion nightmares the world has ever seen. Not banana clips, not tapered jeans, but Crocs. The time has come for everyone to stop buying boat shoes and support companies whose corporate policies do not involve making people look like clowns.
*Before you ask, yes, I have a pair of Payless crocs for Lucas, but he's not even 2 yet. They are cute on tiny feet. And you can wear them in your garden, where they were intended to stay - right next to the garden gnome.


Jamie said...

I read this same article! I'm proud to say I have not given in to my curiosity about what people say are the "comfort" of crocs.

Scot said...

Maybe if people stop buying Crocs, they will bring jellies back! Or Jerusalem cruisers (birkenstocks)! Or clogs! Or people could wear flip flops to meet the president (oh wait, that already happened). Maybe it shouldn't be generation X or Y or whatever, but the foot problem generation.

Suzy said...

Ugh, Scot, you mention so many ugly and horrible memories!
Sadly, jellies came back with all the other 80's crap. People aren't falling for them like the first time, though.
I think Birkenstocks are probably uglier than Crocs. Yuck.
And people do need to stop with the flip flops to meet the President or to go to church.

amanda said...

birkenstocks are back actually, but they are a bit more fashion-forward than days past. still, they are only good-looking with certain outfits or styles.

i hate crocs with a passion. when people say "but they're so comfortable," i want to say "going naked is too, but you don't see me sporting my birthday suit."