Friday, August 15, 2008

Bye Bye Beardie

When Lucas and I came home from Albuquerque we were greeted at the airport by a hairy form of Ben. I don't know if Lucas recognized him right away or not. Ben hadn't shaved the whole time we were gone, which was fun for him. And I guess his coworkers liked his new facial 'do, but his coworkers are... different - you know, austin artsy type (come to think of it, I think 3 other graphic designers have beards).
We agreed (which apparently means I told him) that he would shave it off before our weekend at the beach. Ben wanted to keep it for our vacation, but I prefer to have a kissably soft husband for vacation. It was ok for a few days while he was working since I only saw him for probably 4 hours this week, but for 4 days together, I wanted my Ben back.
Last night before Ben and Lucas got in the shower Ben reluctantly started the shaving process. I remembered that both my parents had requested a picture of the beard, so here's it is after one stripe shaved down the middle.
While Ben was shaving, I was printing maps for our trip to Port Aransas. Every few minutes he would come in and show me his progress - like the horseshoe mustache, then the porn star mustache, which was revolting, eventually he was back to Ben and I was happy again.

Guys, you have to learn that girls do not like facial hair. Has Santa or Castro ever been sexy? No. Even if facial hair looks good (George Clooney), it's not fun to kiss. You can't get a good seal and it scratches your face. Smooth is good. A nice manicured scruff (just a few days worth) is hot - even though it scratches our faces - but it has to be manicured - no cheek scruff.

Ben can grow a beard whenever he wants, as long as I'm not in town and as long as he doesn't have any important meetings. Sorry for being a meanie.


amanda said...

i have a few friends who love beardie guys, but they are the artsy kind of girls too. for me, i think it's the fact that you know them before the beard and anything with hair makes it less endearing. i think mustaches are worse than beards do. so chester molester.

Dani said...

Oh I agree completely! It hurts to kiss them! I'm jealous all you guys are going to the beach...WITHOUT US! Have fun though! Think of me while you're there! I was going to call you today, but I'll wait a few days until you're back from paradise!