Friday, April 4, 2008

The Other Woman

Ben's worked a lot this week so last night I took Lucas downtown for a visitation dinner with his daddy. When we got there Ben was working hard crafting a sample of gift card packaging for Lost Pines resort. It's amazing what Ben can do with cool paper and sticky stuff - seriously!
Lucas and I occupied ourselves for about an hour on the stairs around the office, but when I made if over to Ben's cubicle I saw the real reason Ben's been working so late. She was beautiful. I mean, really beautiful. Even I, just a regular girl, was attracted to her.
She was Ben's new iMac. Take a look for yourself. If you got to work with her, you would never want to leave either!
That's all there is to her. The computer is in the monitor. And it's FLAT. Seriously amazing, people. I stared at her for a few minutes and I was suddenly aware of every single one of my flaws wondering if I could ever match up to such a beauty...

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Krista said...

I agree, VERY beautiful. I am the owner of a fab 24 inch flat screen imac, unfortunately I got mine about a week before the new sexier model came out! I still kick myself!