Friday, April 25, 2008

Fetish Friday

This little lady is the "Bellerikah" by Diesel. I think it's a cute little casual shoe for the summertime. AND it's on sale for $37.50 down from $70 at Dillards. It looks pretty comfy, like it will breathe well in our humid Texas heat and it's pink and grey, which is pretty. It does come in some boring tan color, too.
On another note, I don't think any shoe Jessica Simpson makes should be classified as "athletic." This shoe may not be a patent leather party shoe, but it is not athletic. It has a freakin' huge heel! It will make you look much hotter by elongating your legs while at the gym, but you will also fall much farther to the ground when you trip on a weight machine while checking your hair in the mirror. And we all know - swollen ankles are not hot.
By the way, I've been in ABQ for three days so far and haven't been to the Dillards shoe department yet (it's huge here and I know they have a good sale). I don't think I will make it... I have a cooking class tomorrow, Maddie's piano recital, 2 wedding receptions, AND a get together with the girls to try on brides maids dresses... Trust me, this is all way harder than Jeana and Jamie's marathon. They'll be wearing comfortable tennis shoes at least! Good luck girls!

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