Friday, April 11, 2008

Fetish Friday

How could anyone not love these little baby shoes? This is the Annie - potpourri by Pediped. I love the cute colors and the dainty pink bow. You can score a pair for your little girl for around $30. They have another version for toddlers that is also cute, but a little more expensive.


Dani said...

Um those are darling! I want some for Addie but will not be buying any! Kids just grow too fast to spend more than $10 on shoes!

Brenna said...

Those are very cute shoes...if only I had a girl. Maybe they make them in my size.

amanda said...

i love those. i hope someone else will be buying my daughter shoes, because i can't fathom spending as much on shoes for her as i do for myself. i know. $20, if that, for me. sad.