Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Warning: do not try this at home

A few weeks ago I did a photo shoot with some photographers here. It wasn't the typical bridal shoot - instead, it was a Trash the Dress shoot.
A wedding venue in Dripping Springs called Memory Lane really wanted a bride to jump in their pool. So, instead of a real bride, they got me.
It was a cute place and the owners were so awesome. They even cooked us the best shish kabobs, grilled peaches, guacamole and more. It was great!
We took regular pictures at first out of the water. Then when the sun set, we took the picture of me jumping off the waterfall into the pool. We didn't really know what would happen when I landed in the water - if the dress would just float at first and I wouldn't go under, etc. Well, I didn't float. I went under and when I popped up, the train of the dress was over my head. I was ok treading water, but then the dress started getting heavy and it was harder and harder to stay up. As I was trying to free myself from the train, I heard someone say, "Oh my gosh!" and I thought I was a gonner. Luckily, right after that, I managed to get the train off my head and swim to the side... seconds before needing to be rescued. FYI - it's really hard to swim in a wedding dress. I'm lucky I'm a good swimmer or I would have been screwed.

I jumped off a few more times, but didn't have the problem with the train, because the dress was already wet. That night I had trouble sleeping as I relived that situation in my head... I think as a result of being a lifeguard all those years I have a fear of drowning (but who doesn't?).

Here are a couple shots from 300 we took that night. The photographers are sending me a CD with more images, but here are a few for now. You can tell the dress is big on me, but oh well. At least it allowed me to eat my dinner!
This pic was pre-jump. Notice me rocking my cool black shoes!
By the time this picture was taken I was absolutely freezing.

I'll post more pictures when I get them in a few weeks.


Krista said...

i love it!! you look so pretty!

Eva said...

you're a beaut! AND a good sport!