Saturday, July 5, 2008


The one thing I hate about Austin is all the panhandlers. When we first moved here the number of people out on the corners was shocking. Now I'm a little used to it, but it's still really annoying. Sometimes I drive a certain way just to avoid them.
The worst panhandlers aren't even the homeless people. It's the people out trying to collect money for an organization. They will just walk into traffic at a stop light and knock on your window to get your attention, like you didn't see them in the first place. Then a lot of times they'll give you candy or water for donating. You can always trust candy from a panhandler, right?
Well, today for the 2nd time in my Austin life, I saw the most annoying type of panhandling - The Team Panhandle. This is when a soccer or basketball team wants to go to a tourney out of state and need to raise money. So, instead of doing what normal teams do in normal cities (bakes sales, candy sales, car wash, mow lawns, etc) they stand on the corner with their coaches and panhandle.
Hey, that's a great idea... Lets teach our kids a good work ethic by having them stand outside looking pathetic while getting paid for it! Come on, coaches and parents, get a life!


amanda said...

they only do it in texas, because it's warm enough outside for most of the year. in minnesota, they just go to the skyways and sing crazy songs while playing their fiddle.

Brenna said...

I saw the same thing and couldn't believe it...those parents need to teach their kids a little work ethic!