Friday, June 20, 2008

Fetish Friday

Ever since the Gladiator sandal came back in style I have wanted to gag myself with a fork. They just remind me of a bad time in fashion called the 80's (sorry, Carrie). But, as I do with many fashion trends, I have started to warm up to some of them. Not these or these, but these Anne Klein's are pretty cute. They are named Mariah.... probably after Mariah Carey since she was such a hit in the 80's. In all seriousness, these actually don't remind me of the 80's at all. I think they are perfectly cute and I would wear them in a heartbeat... if I had the $79 to buy them.
FYI, these beauties from a previous entry are on the sale rack at Macy's for $55. I stopped by today and Lucas threw his raisins all over the floor, but I wouldn't leave until I tried them on. Happy Friday!

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