Saturday, May 17, 2008

The System

I don't want to sound like I'm picking on Ben because I love him - he's a wonderful, hard-working husband. He is currently at work, working on the same golf catalog that almost ruined his b-day party. The same golf catalog that has ruined several weeks of his life for the past two years. He will be working his butt off all next week during the photo shoot, and hopefully he will be able to come on our trip to ABQ...

Anyhow, this morning he got dressed to go to work and he put on grey shorts and a light blue knit collared shirt. I looked at him for a minute trying to decide whether or not I should tell him that it looked funny - it is Saturday after all and there won't be too many people at the office, but then he would want to wear it if we do something tonight, so I decided I better let him know. I told him he had to wear nicer shorts, or keep his grey shorts on and wear another t-shirt, but it couldn't be grey. He pouted and changed shirts.

Ben: "But this (blue) shirt has been on the couch for like a week."
Me: "So, hang it up."
Ben: "You obviously don't understand. That messes up the system."

Obviously I don't understand. I guess there is a difference between the clothes on the floor, on the hangers (inside-out and right-side-out), and on the couch. I'll have to wait and see what happens to yesterday's green shirt that is currently on the floor. Maybe some day I will learn the system... or he will hang up his clothes.

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