Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fetish Friday

How could I not love this shoe by Nine West? Not only is it stinking cute, but it's name is Harman (and notice it's spelled right!). I found it in my never ending search for a shoe for my friend's wedding. It comes in black, but unfortunately they don't have it in my size. They have a 9 and I usually need a 9 1/2. There's only one place to buy them online... They come in this pretty blue, black, and I saw a light pink somewhere, too. I just can't believe how cute they are! They were originally $93 and are on sale for $42.55 (49.50 with shipping).
What's a girl to do? Order the 9 and risk it not fitting or just bite the bullet and order the other cute shoes?
UPDATE: I just found them in a snake skin by the name of Haben. Why they just can't name the shoe the same thing? I don't know. It does come in my size... it's a few bucks more. But will snake skin look as pretty with my black satin dress?

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