Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Totaled my Cake

Pretty colors, huh? It's not paint. It's cake batter. I decided I was going to try a cake that my friend, Sara, made (she's famous, you know). She made cute little cupcakes that would have made Rainbow Bright pee her pants from excitement.
I have to make a cake for the kids at church tomorrow night and I thought they would enjoy a colorful cake like Sara's. So, I turned on Dancing with the Stars, colored my batter and layered the colors into my pan.
By the time I took the cake out of the oven it was after 9:00. Ben was at basketball and Lucas was still gallivanting around the house when he should have been in bed. I debated whether or not to take the cake out of the pan before we went upstairs or wait until after Lucas was in bed. I decided to do it before. BAD idea. The cake was way too warm and cracked. I made it worse by trying to fix it and eventually just called it loss and tossed it around.

I have to admit there as a little part of me that was excited because this meant I could eat the cake. But now a big part of me regrets that decision, and there are sad cake pieces waiting for Ben to take them to work in the morning. Poor cake - If only I would have waited for it to cool more... like until I got Lucas to bed.
I'll try again tomorrow. And I'll also try making Sara's frosting recipe. Wish me luck!