Tuesday, May 5, 2009

oops. I did it again.

Almost pretty, right? I tried making Smitten Kitchen's challah bread last night because I felt up for a challenge. I was so excited to taste it and when I did it was..... bland. I forgot the salt. AGAIN. I've done this a few times when making bread/bagels and it totally ruins the end result. I was looking forward to something resembling one of Jeana's creations and this was nowhere close. This was the plastic vending machine jewelry to Jeana's Tiffany & Co. broach.
Oh well. I think I'll freeze it and make the best french toast ever when Lij and Logan come to visit. All the sugar and fat in that recipe will totally make up for the lack of salt.

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amanda said...

yum! i love challah. i want to try this recipe, but i've never made bread before. i fear what may happen to it.