Tuesday, November 11, 2008

going back to brown

I'm going in tomorrow to get my hair colored. The plan is to get brown lowlights, so I can still keep some of the blonde. Then next time I will go all brown. The lady that made me blonde said I should go this route because it will hurt my heart to go from blonde to brown all the sudden. At first I thought she was crazy, but I have grown to love the blonde - just not the roots.

BUT, is this going to look stupid? Should I just go all brown?

Comments? Concerns?


Becca said...

I definitely think you should just do brown lowlights. Maybe you'll love it that way.

Jamie said...

My vote is also for brown lowlights. If you absolutely HATE it, can't you just go back in a week or 2 and get it fixed anyway?

Treselaine said...

Lowlights for sure. You will probably miss the blonde, I still do and my hair hasn't been blonde for years now.