Saturday, January 2, 2010

Vote for Ben in 2010!

Happy 2010! So, we're gonna have this kid in a couple weeks, then taxes are due. Basically, we could really use some votes on these t-shirts so we can get some cash in the bank! Thanks.
(FYI, if you don't vote, Obama will have to give us all of your money - how's that for a threat?).

by benharman

Click HERE to vote for the Mermate. This site in in Portuguese. Press the "5" with the crown, please :).

Click HERE to vote for another Burn Baby Burn. This one's in English.

And finally, click HERE for the awesomely bright Trianglion. Sometimes this site in is French. Click on the heart if you would.


Megan said...

Actually, the Mermate site is in Portuguese, not Spanish.

Good luck with the shirts and the impending baby arrival!

Suzy said...

Oh yeah, that makes more sense as to why I couldn't understand it at all. Ben and I actually had that discussion the other night, too :).

Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

2010 New Year's Fireworks show

diana said...

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