Wednesday, September 30, 2009


It's been a week since I shut my thumb into the car door.
I can't decide which is more disgusting - one purple fingernail or 10 purple fingernails? It's all pretty gross, I think. Is my fingernail gonna fall off? Someone give me a glimmer of hope. Someone?


Scot said...

My dad smashes his finger all the time doing stuff. It hasn't ever fallen off. It just eventually goes away, like a bruise. I don't even remember it growing out with the nail. I guess girls paint over it, guys show it off because it's manly.

Brenna said...

You and Jeff have matching thumbs for the same reason! I should suggest the purple finger nail polish.

Jamie said...

When Drew closed Anna's finger in the bedroom door, it never turned purple (the nail) but it did fall off. However, 6 months later you can't tell anything ever happened to it! :)

I like the nail polish by the way.

SandyKay said...