Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wasting Time

Yes, I finally have a reason to waste two more hours of my life each week. Dancing With The Stars is back for yet another season. I watched most of is last night and I was glad to see that Edyta wore the outfit she borrowed from me last week... she looks almost as good as I do in that little number. If you only knew the hours I put in to bedazzling all those rhinestones on that thing you would be amazed!
We'll see how the season unfolds. They tried to put all sorts of relationship twists in it this year. Julianne Hough is dancing with her real life boyfriend, Maksim and Karina and engaged and competing against each other, and Jewel was supposed to compete against her husband. BUT, Jewel and Nancy O'dell were both injured and replaced at the last minute. O'dell by Playmate Holly Madison, and Jewel by that Melissa chick that got dumped last week by the dreamiest Bachelor ever.
I think she's in a much better place now... totally worth the heartache to be on DWTS! She'll be just fine. (Plus, she scored well after only 2 days of practice).
If I had to put money on anyone it would be Cheryl and Gilles, Julianne and Chuck, or Derek and Lil' Kim. We shall see...
(And no, I don't watch The Bachelor - this show is my only weakness)


Tricia said...

You're quite the bedazzler, Suzanne - I never knew! Next time I'm in the market for a glittery costume you're my girl :)

Farrah said...

I am SO excited for DWTS!! It makes me so happy I could hyperventilate! Seriously. Since we have moved and don't have our new cable hooked up, we have to go back to our dinky, dirty apartment to watch TV. Finally saw it last night and I'm on cloud nine! I can't wait for next week! We have to get together and watch it sometime!!! (My overuse of !!!! is to show my squeaky high-pitched enthusiastic voice when I talk about DWTS)!!!!!

Cause I said so... said...

Can I borrow that outfit? I want to wear it to my kick boxing class and WOW everyone! I was so looking forward to seeing Jewel...darn. My money is on Julianne and her boy toy.