Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We watch Cars several times a week... like 4 or 5. It's ridiculous. But, I really like Cars, so if Lucas wants to watch a movie I am much more likely to promote Cars, than say, Teletubbies. And I think I like the Cars toys just as much, if not more, than Lucas. I have to stop myself from going to the toy section at the store and seeing what they have. Is it wrong if I want Ramone in every color? I am from New Mexico, after all.
I think I have a problem.


Braden and Katie said...

Don't worry you aren't the only adult with a cars addiction! We watch it all the time too and We actually bought the radiator springs paint job lightning for us and only let Brody play with it under close supervision! It is sick I know but cars is probably the best kids movie ever! :)

Krista said...

i love 'cars'. i'd be worried if you couldn't get enough teletubbies, but i'd say you're doing ok. i don't know why kids are like that, but when my little bro was little he couldn't get enough of 'the sword in the stone' and my nephew is hooked on 'the lion king' and 'snow white' (he likes the dwarfs).

Suzy said...

We have the Radiator Springs McQueen! I picked it out, but he has all sorts of chips due to being thrown about the house. Poor guy.
I'm glad you guys like it, too. Krista, I think of you guys every time I watch it... so pretty much every day. :)

Krista said...

you're too sweet!